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Reform is a place to find absolute relaxation!  As you enter our loft, let go of any stress and get ready to
pamper your body and mind.  Choose from our specially created treatment menu, sit back and relax, and
let thesoothing hands of our professionally trained therapists entice your senses as your forget about your
worries in the stylish surroundings of our exquisitely appointed massage.

Our massage services are available from
10 am to 10 pm , Monday to Friday
9 am to 11 pm on weekends.

REFORM is located on the top floor of REFILL NOW! hostel.


Massage Treatments

Back Massage
Excellent for those on the road with a backpack a lot, this massage
is the perfect treat for a tired back.  The therapist can adjust the pressure to your individual requirements.

Head & Shoulder massage
This therapy not only relieves you strain and stress after a hard
day's work or a strenuous trip,but it can also help a headache.

Thai Foot Massage
This treatment focuses on reflex zones on the foot which are linked
to organs of the body. A good way to relax the mind and body,and counteract stress.

Foot Reflexology
Using a stick to put pressure on certain areas on the foot as well
as massaging the lower legs along the energy lines,this therapy reenergizer tired legs from a long trip.

Siam Massage
A traditional art, this massage focuses on specific points
on the body manipulates the muscles, brings back the sensation of well-being to your body and revitalizing the mind.

Muscular Massage
This treatment combines traditional massage
techniques with your choice of essential oil. It is ideal for recovering from a jetlag as well as to relieve stress.

Child Massage
Exclusively created for children, your child will enjoy this special massage and definitely sleep well afterwards.

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